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As an event manager, our mission is to approach your wedding with professionalism and attention to detail. Communication is key, so we listen to every suggestion you make. We promise you and your guests an unforgettable experience.

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As corporate and personal event managers, we are confident that we can handle all challenges in our industry. We use our exceptional professional skills, knowledge, experience and contacts to create innovative and customized solutions to meet our clients' requirements.
Goal: To ensure the success of every event! ... and maximum satisfaction of all guests, because we will take care of them too.


Floral Decors - Valeria Rekalova

I met Mary 17 years ago. It was an acquaintance that both of us knew would be a driving force and an example for the entire event industry. We started thinking beyond the years when this was considered madness, in times when clients were reluctant to accept that an event should have many components, and each one of them should be on par with the others. Her intellect, resourcefulness, immense courage, and ability to make quick, correct decisions are the best support that clients and partners can receive. When we’re in the field, and I know she has planned and organized everything, the work always goes smoothly, calmly, and without problems. And considering the scale of the events we create, achieving such tranquility is very difficult, and only she knows what it costs for all of us in the chain to feel it.
As a professional in my field, I know that behind me stands an exceptional professional with whom I can discuss everything, be understood, and supported. In building, planning, and controlling the largest events in the country, there is no other person who can handle the millions of situations that arise every minute better than her. She never loses control, never lets it show that she’s worried, and will never crush an assistant for a mistake. Instead, she focuses on how to fix everything and make it more than perfect. In the most challenging situations where quick decisions are needed, I know I can rely on her 100%.
There isn’t a guest at her event who hasn’t seen her, understood who she is, and felt that there’s an Organizer at the event. Her events are always memorable, grandiose, with brilliant programs, and a continuous play on people’s senses and emotions.
I highly value my work with Mary Alexandrova. People like her are an inspiration; they embrace your ideas, and thanks to the trust we’ve built, we move forward and upward!
Seventeen years are difficult to narrate; this is not just a simple job, it’s friendship!

Valeria Rekalova – Floral Decors"

Ivan Atanasov /CEO/
We have been working closely with "Royal Wedding & Management" for almost 8 years and for us they are the absolute professionals in every way. Their attention to detail and training of the team they select precisely for their client is unmatched and they always manage to create unforgettable experiences, both for the guests and for us.

Flair Temptation is honored to be a part of their exquisite wedding, corporate and private events.

The design and decor of each event is truly inspiring, showcasing the creativity and aesthetics of the Royal Wedding & Management team. They effortlessly transform ordinary spaces into magical settings that leave a lasting impression on everyone present.

The organization and communication with "Royal Wedding & Management" is always up to par and runs smoothly and without problems. They are always there to provide the support we need.

In conclusion, if you are looking for an event planning company that can provide the highest quality services in Bulgaria and beyond, "Royal Wedding & Management" is your ideal choice. We at Flair Temptation always look forward to working together again and highly recommend their commitment to excellence to anyone looking for the most amazing experiences.
Petina Yaneva, Belissima Marine, Varna
On a weekend in September, traveling to Bulgaria, we had a scheduled meeting with Mary...
Who is Mary - I had no idea. A wonderful photographer - Viktor Nalbantov, to whom I had told that I would organize an event for clients and partners and wanted to engage, shared her contact with me after he understood the concept.
We arrive in Sofia (unsightly, from travel, in uniforms :) ) And naturally the question arises: What will they think of us?!
Mary welcomes us - smiling, curious, with a purposeful look. A short conversation, a drink, I explain what the concept of our company is, what the guests will be (quite briefly, because I was in a hurry to Varna). A few phone calls, a few emails followed, and on 12.11.21 our "Tale on the Waves" was born!
A period in which mass events were not allowed due to COVID-19, we had 101 guests with a mobile laboratory. Exclusive selection of program, lighting, decor, menu and drinks. There wasn't a detail she hadn't thought of. There was no situation for which there was no Plan B.
This was all a surprise to me. Mary simply told me: Trust me!! I am a person who likes to control everything!
It took me seconds to say - OK :) Come to think of it, maybe I've never voted such a credit of trust for something so important to me, to a stranger at that. Well.. that was one of my best decisions!!!
In addition to the Tale of the Waves, a friendship was born that night - priceless!
I can talk about Mary for days and there will always be little time to share all the positives and qualities, as a person and a professional, that she possesses.
Indicative of the successful event is the fact that to this day it is still being commented on and guests are jokingly asking when the next one will be :)
Yes, there will be a next one and I am sure of two things: It will be organized by Mary and it will be even more memorable.
Since that September day, there is no idea for me of a personal or company event in which Mary is not the main character.

I love you Mary Alexandrova
Slavina Krastanova, /GM/ General Broker
M. /Em/, our beloved Merry is an exceptional professional at the highest level, her every idea and suggestion is a masterpiece for creating a unique event. It is easy and hassle-free to work with! It "enters" the mind of the assignor and unleashes its imagination to no end. Thanks to her, we held several business events, surprised and made our guests feel special.

Mary is a person with unlimited possibilities and suggestions. The organization and synchronization at every moment of your event will be flawless! Leave yourself in her hands to get the best possible treatment and service!
Tsveti and Radi Kostadinovi
Mary is an inspiration. She is a real fury for whom nothing is impossible. We will never forget our first date, we were blown away by it. It gets under your skin immediately. The people who work with her are also amazing. Whatever can be said about them is little. You say to yourself - "How come we didn't know them until now?".

They perform miracles that you can't imagine until the end, how they are possible.
"Royal Wedding" are world-class professionals and Bulgaria is too small for them, for what they are capable of. Our incredible wedding is a true masterpiece! They just brought Dubai to Bulgaria!
Rest assured, THEY can do anything! We love you❤️
Silvia and Nikolay Velkovi
We cannot express enough how grateful my husband and I are for the exceptional service provided by Mary Alexandrova and her team. From start to finish she went out of her way to make sure our wedding day was magical. The concept she created in her mind and then brought to life was simply breathtaking and left us in quiet awe. He pulled it off so beautifully it brought tears to our eyes.

Every detail was meticulously planned and executed, creating a truly incredible atmosphere that exceeded our wildest expectations. Our guests were equally impressed and couldn't stop complimenting the stunning social event. It became apparent that Mary put her heart and soul into making our day unforgettable.

We heartily recommend 'Royal Wedding & Management" to anyone who needs a talented and dedicated organizer. Em's passion for her work shines through in every aspect of her service and we are so grateful to have had her by our side on this momentous day. Thank you Mary /Em/ for making our wedding day our dream come true! ❤️❤️❤️
Denislava Kerezova
Who is Mary to me?
A chance meeting led me to meet her. Days before, I had watched a clip of a wedding organized by her. I will not forget the emotion and admiration of what I saw - it was the most beautiful event I had ever seen. And just days later I met the woman who had created it! When we talked, I felt like I was talking to the universe. That Universe that vibrates with the highest vibrations of love. Mary has filled life with Love, She loves as few people can! He loves his family, he loves his friends, he loves his customers, who from customers become lifelong friends. Unadulterated, it manages to turn moments into the most beautiful and sensual memories! She lives with the thought of bringing people together, making them experience unforgettable emotions of beauty, attention and love, so that years after that they feel the power of the experience!
And you will always find her sitting somewhere, humble, filling her soul with what she created for the world!
Antonia Stoyanova
Wedding agency "Royal Wedding" incredibly excited me with its exceptional attention to details and individual approach to us. Their team not only takes care of the organization of the event, but also creates a cozy and relaxing atmosphere that allows us to enjoy every moment of the wedding day. Thanks to their help, my special day was filled with tears of happiness and unforgettable memories! Thank you Royal Wedding for your outstanding contribution to the most important day of my life!
At. Furnadzhiev - Manager of Moto-Pfohe Group

Moto-Pfohe Group 
With this reference, the company Moto-Pfohe Group expresses its satisfaction from the long-standing business relationship with Royal Wedding & Management.

Our experience with them can be described as a 5-star relationship, organization, and experience! Royal Management is one of the best agencies we’ve worked with in the field of organizing corporate events and celebrations.

Here are some reasons why we highly recommend them:

  • Professionalism: The Royal Management team is exceptionally professional and competent. They know what they’re doing and pay attention to every detail to ensure everything is perfect.

  • Creativity: Royal Management offers fresh and creative ideas for corporate events that leave a lasting impression and evoke wonderful emotions.

  • Attention to Detail: Royal Management focuses on even the smallest details to guarantee flawless events.

  • Excellent Service: They provide excellent customer service. They are always available to answer questions and assist with anything needed.

In addition to all of the above, Royal Wedding and Management:

  • Deliver High-Level Service: They curate menus with clients and select food that leaves a 5-star restaurant impression.
  • Program Expertise: Thanks to their extensive experience, they have a vast portfolio of performers, hosts, and subcontractors. Nothing is impossible for them.
  • Meticulous Planning: From decorations to music, Royal Management takes care of everything to ensure the event is perfect.
  • Exceptional Dedication: The Royal Management team is genuinely committed to making every event successful. Our long-standing experience shows that they go above and beyond expectations.

On behalf of Moto-Pfohe Group, I highly recommend Royal Wedding & Management as a reliable and ethical partner with an innovative approach and high standards in their work.

Sincerely, At. Furnadzhiev

Alex Anev Fireworks Tornado LTD

I have known Mary since 2007. A big heart with a smile. Mary is a "Maestro" or simply put in Bulgarian words - a "Master". A master of the highest rank.

  • Do you understand what I'm talking about?

Now, let me tell you a story. A story with the scent of coffee and perfume, delicately intertwined with an invisible thread that turns into magic and enchantment. - What do I mean?

We will direct a sunrise synchronized with music. A real musical spectacle. Mary and I sit in the office to design and here the scent of coffee and perfume is really in the air. We experience the entire spectacle live. We choose the music, select the pyrotechnic effects to match the music in details and colors. We determine the locations of the individual elements, according to the place where the pyrotechnic show will take place and the position of the guests. Sometimes it takes four hours, sometimes it takes three days. We immerse ourselves in an exceptional creative process, which allows us to hear the sound of the sea waves and visualize how the sunrise reflects in the water. We are in Sofia! We follow the phase of the moon and the "Moon Path", which is not the only element of the decor, but participates in the show. The breeze, which blows away the smoke and clears the picture, the scent of the air after the rain mixed with the aroma of gunpowder and sea. A symphony of sounds. Everything, really everything, that we can imagine, we design. And the magic happens. - But how do we understand that it has happened? It's a feeling. We understand it in the reflection of the teary eyes of the client. In such moments, we don't need to speak. The sunrise is over, the music has quieted down. It is enough for us to just look at each other to understand that we have done our job brilliantly and that the magic has happened.
Do you know of another team that can so enchantingly tell you a story? I guess it would be hard to say "Yes". Ah, we do it with every project for 17 years now. Now I am sure that you understand me. This is actually the magic of mastery. To do something for a very long time and with a lot of love. We grew together, learned together, and succeeded in turning each of our projects into a masterpiece. That's why Mary is a "Maestro" in her work. She feels and loves every part of the process. She constantly trains and works tirelessly with incredible passion, thought and courage.
For me, there is no better event organizer than her. Believe me, I have exceptional arguments and many people will support me in what I am talking about.

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